$40,000 under asking price achieved on first home purchase.

Here at Breakthrough Potentials we are here to help all people in their property journey. It does not matter if its your 1st or 10th property purchase, we assess your situation, find out your goals and help you achieve it.

Our attention to detail is second to none when it comes to achieving the best possible purchase price for our first home buyers and investors.

This particular couple where looking for a waterfront block of land to build on. Due to our extensive knowledge of the area and the research done on the particular block we were able to achieve a result of $40,000 under the asking price on a block that met their requirements.

Some helpful hints when negotiating property.

- Pre Approval, Have your finance pre approved before starting the negotiation process. Money motivates Vendors, offering a faster settlement can often get that little extra off the asking price. Breakthrough Potentials has access to all most all lenders, so when we look at the finance side for you we have access to the lowest possible rates and lowest possible fees.

-How long has the block of land or property been on the market ? How many agencies have tried to sell it ?

These are major factors when it comes to the negotiation process. You have a higher chance of negotiating a better price if the property or lot has been on the market longer. Be careful and do your homework on the lot or property here. Sometimes there is a good reason they have not sold yet. Have a builder survey the land and get a rough quote if you can. If the build cost is going to be alot higher on the lot, then use this as a negotiation tool.

-Purchase from agents over developers if possible.

Developers are generally less likely to negotiate on land prices. Agents are selling for vendors that have usually purchased the block some time ago, so there is room to work in terms of the Vendors buying price and the Vendors asking price.

Contact us when your looking at either a property purchase or finance on a property and let an expert get you RESULTS.

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