$824,044 Mortgage Paid Off In 12.7 Years - Client Case Study/Estimations.

Here we have a couple (Age65/53)

Combined Income - $1374 Per Week After Tax

Rental Property Income- $340 Per Week After Property Management

Commercial Property Income - $576.92 Per Week.

Current Interest Rate - 4.58%

These Clients Were Paying Extra In the Monthly Repayment


TOTAL COST- $1,277,012


Before Cash Flow Set Up Displayed In a Diagram Below.

After Breakthrough Potentials Stratagy

Forecasted Results

Debt Free Home in 12.7 Years, A Massive Term Saving of 8.2 Years (Would of been even more if clients were not already paying extra)

A Whopping Interest Saving of $188,071

We tailored this system to the clients needs. The clients are not having to sacrifice lifestyle to achieve these results.

In essence its about working smarter not harder and paying of your motgage on your own terms rather than the banks.

Dont be fooled that your bank manager is giving you the best deal or facilities either. These clients asked us to join in the meeting with the bank manager to arrange this structure and through the meeting we discovered the bank manager was using a similar stratagy to this. I asked "well these clients have been customers of yours for over 10 years why haven't you shown them how to save money?". The question was quickly dismissed. It got me thinking and I personally believe that the banks vested interest lays with thier shareholders and not thier customers. If this is not the case then why are people not being shown these stratagies and facilities? These results are Life Changing

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