SOLD - Lot 610 Blackley Avenue Raworth 2321 NSW - Investment Analysis

Brand New 4 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Garage

Purchase Price - $445,000

Bank Valuation - $456,000

Expected Rent - $430-$460 per week

Gross Rental Yeild - 5.02% - 5.37%

$170 in tax savings per week.

Deposit 5% - $22,500

Mortgage - $418,000

Interest Rate - 4.29%

We help our clients through the whole process so in essence we provide an end to end service. We take care of the property analysis and research. We take care of the finance. We organise the depreciation schedule. We take care of the property management. We organise the tax benefits to be claimed weekly so you can use that to keep your interest payable to a minimum on your mortgage/s.

Our proven investment cashflow structure is allowing this client to pay the mortgage off on thier terms, not the banks.

This client has a forecasted mortgage term of 7.5 years as opposed to the banks 30 year term and will have enough equity to re purchase by the start of 2018. This has a dramatic impact on the amount of interest this client will pay.

$418,000 over 30 years you will pay $325,799 in interest.

$418,000 over 7.5 years our client is only projected to pay $71,586 in interest.

As you can see that saving is $254,213

Raworth At A Glance.

Raworth is located 6 minutes from Greenhills shopping centre and extremely close to many public and private schools.

77% of homes in the Raworth area are owner occupied which we believe helps add to the prospect of solid capital growth as the estate is well looked after.

The Maitland area is one of the fastest growing area's in Australia with the population growth exceeding 2% consistantly annualy.

The economy in the Maitland area is extremely diverse which we believe is a key factor in aiding long term growth and strong rental returns.

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